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A Resume is Just a Piece of Paper

A Resume is Just a Piece of Paper

I have been writing resumes for about 10 years now and reviewing resumes for longer than I care to tell. In my discussions over the years, I found that people are hesitant to engage in any part of the job search until they have their resume in pristine shape.

I often wonder do people realize that a resume is just a piece of paper? And is it really possible to cram your personality, enthusiasm, dreams and life experience onto one or two pages?

We do need a sharp clean looking resume to present ourselves in today’s job market, that is true. But simply sending your resume out via email or through Applicant Tracking Systems is not enough. Personally, this is my least favorite or effective method. Networking whether it’s via email or in person is always the best way to find a job. By doing this you get a chance to showcase your best asset – you!

It is an opportunity for people to buy into you, hear your story and connect with you. By the time they see your resume they will be thinking of where would be the best spot for you in their company instead of tossing your resume in a pile with hundreds of others.

Set yourself up for success and think about what can you do in addition to sending your resume online to really showcase your talents. Here are a few of my favorite job search methods besides sending your resume online into the black hole:

  1. Ask friends and family – we often chit chat about daily occurrences but do we ask how they can help with job search activities? Who do they know? What career advice do they have?

  2. LinkedIn – it is really a powerhouse as far as online networking. Don’t be afraid to connect! It is a great resource for information interviews, formal interviews and exploring career advice from industry leaders.

  3. Networking Events – just perform a Google search of networking events (in your location) and you’ll get quite a few links. Be selective of what you choose to attend to make the most of your time. Look at industry and who is attending to make sure it’s worth your while.

These are just a few tips, but the bottom line is do not solely rely on your resume alone to land your dream job.

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