• Kelley Dadah

The Interview Process is Broken

As I speak with my clients who are searching for jobs and my colleagues in staffing and recruiting, it is apparent that the process seems to bring discord and is unharmonious with all parties involved. Job seekers see themselves at the mercy of the company. Most are looking for a shred of common decency, a response to an email or a yes/no answer if they are in the running for the job. More often than not, job seekers find after a phone interview or worse case scenario a series of multiple face to face interviews, there is radio silence. After a few phone calls and unreturned emails, they are left with their thoughts, wondering what happened. They just want a courtesy call, "don't leave me hanging".

As I listen to their frustration, I empathize and try to offer some guidance and information. From being a former recruiter there are a few things I do know about today's job market and the interview process. There are so many candidates, hiring managers just have too many choices and can drag a process out for months, leaving interviewers with silence and indecision. Recruiters are inundated with phone calls a docket of open positions to fill. Sometimes it's impossible to contact everyone that has interviewed for a position. I'm not saying it's correct, but it's easy to get overwhelmed by the flood of constant activity. And my favorite, a "discussion" about why the interviewee was not hired. It is fine to ask where the gaps where so you can improve, but no point in arguing with the recruiter, the manager made their decision and it wasn't you. Move on to a company that will appreciate you.

Think of this process like a sales cycle. In sales, you make the phone call (send your resume), get a client visit (interview) and then you have a 50/50 chance of closing the deal. If the client decides to go with someone else, good chance you won't hear from them and they won't offer constructive feedback. Activity breeds activity so the more interviews you have less you will care about the radio silence from one interview.

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