• Kelley Dadah

Applying Online = Taking the Easy Way Out

We ALL do it when looking for a job. I admit it; in the past I have been guilty of it as well. Why do we pour our energy and time into something that yields such low results? Simple, because it’s easy and non-confrontational or maybe we really don’t want or care about that particular job. Usually there is an automated response before the resume gets sucked into the black hole. It’s so much easier to look online and just click away, cut/paste, upload and send it off then to actually try and talk to someone and face rejection.

The number one problem with this method? You are no longer in control of your job search or the results, “they” are. If you are comfortable with someone else being in charge of your career path and financial stability, then keep applying online. If you are not, then keep reading. Below a few tips to help you get started on a successful job search that yields results.

  1. Create a List of Target Companies

It’s best to have a mix of small, medium and large. Think about it, everyone targets the big players like Coca-Cola, Google, Amazon and Nike. But there are only so many people they can hire and you are competing against hundreds of candidates. With smaller or mid-size companies your chances for activity and an interview are far greater.

  1. Research the Competition

Know the key players in that space, then check for local competition and double or even triple your options. You can become an expert in the field and expand your target list as well as showcase your knowledge of the industry and current trends.

  1. It’s All About the Connections!

Whether you graduated from college a month ago or ten years ago, you have a valuable resource in alumni. Check our your schools alumni database. You can also reach out to previous co-workers or individuals from professional development organizations. Utilize your alumni database or of course – LinkedIn. When you share a common thread or connection with someone, there is a natural acceptance and affinity to help. Use it to your advantage.

These are just a few tips to help you override the online job application hurdle. Guaranteed you’ll get more satisfying results when you actually interact with people.

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