• Kelley Dadah

Stop Sending Your Resume into the Abyss

As I’m working in my office, I watch my dog Tag run around in circles trying to catch his tail. It happens quite often, and occasionally he catches it. Most of the time he gives up, falls to the ground and takes a nap.

Pretty similar to applying to jobs online. You spend a lot of time and energy with about a 4% chance of catching your tail, oops I mean landing a job. Then why keep doing something that gives us such little return on our investment?! Tag’s a dog – so there’s not much hope for him, but for you there is. You want to be in control of your destiny and your job search, and by applying a few different techniques, you will see your activity, motivation, and confidence improve.

1. Create a target list. It can be companies that you would love to work for, by location, industry or a combination of all three. You will create a purpose and structure around your job search.

2. Develop your value proposition. This can also be called an “elevator pitch.” Knowing what you want to do and who you want to do it for will help create clarity around the types of companies you want to explore.

3. Networking. I’m sure every job seeker has heard this a million times, but it is true. Merely connecting and talking to people opens up a tremendous amount of opportunity.

Incorporating some variety to your search will give you energy and purpose and most important of all, you will be in control of your job search.

Kelley Dadah is a career coach specializing in career development and transition, job search strategy and interview preparation. If you are interested in exploring how working with a career coach can help you, contact Kelley at kelley@kmdadah.com or 339.970.8522

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