• Kelley Dadah

Are You Prepared for the Interview?

When helping my clients, I tap into my former experience as a recruiter. I’ve listened to hundreds if not thousands of people at this point in my professional career. I think back to which candidates made an impact and why. What I do remember is that too often my mind wandered during an interview, and when I snapped back to reality and when they finished talking I had no idea what they said. Candidates who were focused, told stories and captured my attention always moved forward in the process.

Getting an interview is no easy task in this market, so when you do, make sure you are ready.

Sounds simple, but you would be amazed at the number of people don’t prepare for the interview.

First, you need to research and read the company website. Know what they do, what their values and mission are and any community outreach. Understand their products and read client testimonials and white papers. Do a Google search for articles. These little tidbits spark organic conversation which is way better than just regurgitating what is on their home page.

Formulate thoughtful questions based on the position, department or company objectives, which can also come through research. It shows that you took the time to develop business-based questions which sounds much better than – “why do you like working here?”

Develop CAR statements (Challenge, Action, Results) that are in line with the job description. Stories, metrics and specifics while highlighting your top achievements make you memorable.

Conduct a mock interview. Enlist the help of friends and colleagues to help you practice so you can continue to improve and feel comfortable. The more you practice, the more confident you will feel when the big day comes.

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