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What do you want to do?

Every time I ask my daughter what she wants to be when she grows up, I get a different answer. Paleontologist, singer, thespian (she really said actress and I said thespian), artist, veterinarian, diamond mining (fingers crossed!) and the list goes on. When I ask why – sometimes there is a clear answer, sometimes it’s because a friend mentioned it or because she saw something on tv. Which is all fine, because she’s only 8 and its ok to explore and figure out what you want to do.

Wait a minute, it's perfectly fine to explore and figure out new career paths at any age! Life is about trial, error and learning from mistakes and not so great decisions. I look back at my work history and thankful for every horrible job that I’ve had because it led me to the path of a career coach.

When you are embarking on a new career, be careful in your choices but not so cautious that you rule out every opportunity to the point where you find yourself with nothing. Sometimes it’s all about taking risks and trying something new to see if it suits you. But in the same token, you don’t want to jump into a new career without really knowing all the nuances.

What can you do before you decide to plow forward? For starters, the absolute best thing to do is talk to experts in the industry. Who are these experts? How can you find them? It’s simple, just look for people with experience in that particular field. LinkedIn is my go-to resource for my clients. People are very open to talking about their profession, telling you what they love and the challenges they face. Before I decided to become a career coach, that’s precisely what I did. I went on LinkedIn, contacted a bunch of coaches I didn’t know and had some great conversations. In fact, every time I’m considering certification or adding services, I enlisted in the help of experienced professionals on LinkedIn.

By having conversations, you’ll gain a more profound knowledge rather than reading postings online. And as an extra bonus, you are building your network along the way.

Kelley Dadah

Certified Professional Coach

Certified Professional Resume Writer

DISC Communications Specialist


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