• Kelley Dadah

Tis the Season and Companies are Still Hiring!

Tis the holiday season and while personally, life seems to go into overdrive with a plethora of activities. I am a list gal. I love making lists and crossing things off - this time of year seems like it's a never-ending scroll that rolls down to the floor and out the door. Shopping, cooking, parties, pageants, school plays – who wouldn’t want to take a break from regular everyday job-seeking tasks?!

Most job seekers make the mistake of thinking that companies aren’t hiring, so they put their job search on hold. If you have a lot going on and want to take a break, great, but don’t do so because you think that companies aren’t hiring. Think about it, EVERY company across the states shuts down from Thanksgiving to Christmas? Can’t imagine what that would do to our economy.

Companies are still hiring. When I was in staffing, it was actually pretty busy for a variety of reasons. Most popular that managers were trying to hire before the new budgets came out, sometimes they lost those funds for a new hire. Others wanted to get a head start on hires to ramp up for a successful Q1.

As a job seeker, it’s a great time to continue your search, companies see a decline in job applications during the holiday season. This is the time of year when competition is at its lowest. In addition, people are generally in a great mood, so it’s perfect to engage in initial conversations, or follow up on resume/interviews and wish hiring managers a happy holiday and spread some cheer.

Remember you have control of your job seeking activities so don’t be discouraged about lack of job prospects because companies are still hiring!

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