• Kelley Dadah

A New Year, New Goals (and how you can actually achieve them)

We all have them – big goals for the new year. Full of energy and ready to tackle reshaping yourself into a better you. Seems like most of us have the same goals almost every year, lose 5lb or 10lbs and exercise more, blah blah blah. Then life happens, and your kid gets sick on day two of the new year and your goals get derailed and energy fizzles out. Hey, I’m guilty of this too.

But I asked myself, what can I do to actually accomplish something this year?

For starters, I enlisted a food tracking app to eat healthier and created a daily exercise routine that fits into my schedule. Wow, that was easy – now how can I apply that to my work life?

Make your goals small and attainable in order to reach that big ultimate goal. So, let’s say your goal is a new job in 2019. Break it down.

1. Ask yourself what do you want to do? Not sure? Then enlist in the help of professionals in fields of interest. People are happy to connect and offer their advice and expertise. Just remember, not EVERYONE will jump at the opportunity to have a conversation. It usually takes 25 connects to have one or two conversations. Sometimes more and sometimes less.

2. Who do you want to do it for? Once you’ve figured that out ask yourself what type of company do you want to work for? Create a list based on industry and connect with professionals at those organizations.

3. Hold yourself accountable. If you know that you won’t stick to a deadline, find someone else who is looking for a new position as well. Create a partnership of accountability where you meet weekly and discuss progress and challenges in reaching your goals.

We get overwhelmed when there is a big task that we can’t wrap our heads around and then become immobilized and wind up doing nothing. By implementing smaller goals and utilizing a support system you will find yourself not only attaining your goals but happy and energized as well.

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