The hiring process is broken, and that is not a secret to anyone in a position of hiring or looking for a job. As a manager, coach and in the past a job seeker, the one thing that was always was apparent was there was a big disconnect between job seekers and hiring managers.  Why? Goals and objectives aren't clearly defined on either end. By utilizing a combination of assessments, goal oriented job descriptions and identifying the job objective, I can craft a process to successfully lead you to the best candidate.  I work with hiring managers to identify the current strengths in their team with a variety of:


  • DISC Assessments

  • 360 Degree Feedback

  • Targeting specific objectives

  • Creating A Detailed Goal Oriented Job Description


Just like I tell my jobseekers sitting behind a computer is no way to find a job, the same goes for finding great candidates I will teach your recruiting team had to get out there and network with it keep a pipeline of qualified A+ potential employees. 


Assessments can be extremely useful tools in today's marketplace to uncover hidden talent and what it takes to build a strong team. I work with a variety of DISC assessments as well as 360 Degree feedback and can customize a program to achieve your specific objectives. 


Managers can spend countless hours passing over candidates during the interview process simply because they haven't defined what they really need. I can help craft the target objectives of the position so you can interview effectively. 


Let's face it, there aren't a lot of jobs descriptions with substance. During my career I've written hundreds of job descriptions which always produced results and hiring the right candidate. 

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